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I have been a passionate hijama therapist

Our mission is to bring healthcare within the reach of every individual. The mission to help & to deliver outstanding healthcare with compassion, respect and to promote the wellness in our communities with the traditional and holistic remedy of the ancient Prophetic therapy of cupping/Hijama or other holistic approaches.

"Hijama is like an oil change for the human body, if you compare the body to a car, you remove the old dirty (oil-blood), so the body can replenish the circulatory system with clean blood. Hijama helps to remove impurities and stimulate the bone marrow to produce new, healthier blood and increase blood circulation." Words from the director of The Therapy Clinic

Zahid Malik

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Who We Are

The seed of The Therapy Clinic was planted in 2008 in the UK. It was inspired by compassion for mankind & the earth as well as the desire to live, according to the natures balance to achieve health & wellbeing.

At The Therapy Clinic we help promote the steps to preserve life itself in its natural form.

What We Do

  • Dry & Wet Cupping (Hijama)
  • Hopi Ear Candles
  • Various other products
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